Here’s How Production Management Works

To get started in the Production Management program, the manufacturer must present thefollowing:

  • All program #3 steps completed.
  • A 60% deposit for labor charges and 100% deposit for materials, if not being supplied by the manufacturer.
  • 30% is due within 30 days, the balance is due upon delivery and inspection of production.
  • A timeline provided reflecting any deadlines the manufacturer may have.
  • Product and documentation of all work completed, if completed by another company. If all programs were completed by Elite Fashion Group, it isn’t necessary.
  • Final approved “sew-by” and pattern for production, which isn’t necessary if previous
    steps were completed by Elite Fashion Group.

As it applied to previous programs, all established Elite Fashion Group clients having ongoing production
will be billed weekly for services and/or materials. The repayment period will always be net ten days.

Regarding all programs, all programs offered by the Elite Fashion Groupare intended to be standard outlines of what a manufacturer’s project may require. Because each manufacturer comes to us with a very distinctive group of instances, each of the programs must be accommodating. Listed below is a standard fee schedule for all the offered services. A manufacturer may call for more or less based on their project requirements. It is entirely up to the discernment of the Elite Fashion Group to establish the project need for a manufacturer. While we will execute specified services towards our own guidance, it does necessitate comprehensive documentation as to explanation, and a signed disclaimer releasing the Elite Fashion Group from any liability direct or intended.

The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Product Design & Development – $75.00/hour
  • Pre-Production – $45.00/hour
  • Pattern Work – $50.00/hour
  • Design Time – $75.00/hour
  • Fabric Sourcing – $50.00/hour
  • Cutting – $45.00/hour
  • Sample Sewing – $60.00/hour
  • Embroidery and Handwork – $25.00/hour
  • Test graded sizes – $35.00/hour
  • Fabric Ordering – $45.00/hour