How to Start Your Private Label Brand

Every fashion client is different and every one of them are at different phases of their development. With that said, we divided our services into four distinct programs.

  • Product Design & Development is mainly for new manufacturers who does have their concept in mind, but hasn’t fully developed their idea as of yet.
  • Sample Production is for manufacturers who have developed their idea but needs to have a prototype/sample made to take to the marketplace.
  • Production Management is for brands who have completed the otherstates of development and are ready for product management and production,

These different programs were put in place because every client is different and comes to us at different stages. Regardless, the Elite Fashion Groupis always happy and willing to work with a client regardless of their stage of product development. Also, we offer clients these services:

  • Fabric and Trim Sourcing.
  • Product Review & Assessment.
  • Line Sheet / Digital Patterns / Sew instruction
  • Consulting
  • Photo shoots

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