Product Development LEVEL 1

Our Level 1 Development Packages is required for ALL new manufacturing. It is designed for the client that is ready to go into production. Final pattern in Digital DXF format is ready (if you have paper pattern we will digitize) and approved. A fit approved sample is ready to be provided to us to copy. You may have already sourced all your own fabrics and Trims or need help with some materials, but you are still ready for production. . You have a clear picture what it is that you want to produce.

The Elite Fashion Group will use your pattern to make one counter sample that will be made by our sample team in the actual factory that will sew your bulk production.

The process is rather simple. We will schedule a meeting with you. This meeting can take place in our Los Angeles office, Skype, or on the phone.

The purpose of the meeting is for our team to, learn about you and your line. To get a better and clear picture what it is exactly we are going to be producing.

After that, you will provide us with a Purchase Order, the DXF Pattern and the Bill of Material (BOL) of what will be provided for production. If necessary TEFG sourcing team can help with any fabric, trims sourcing services that you may require (a fee may apply). A samples needs to be provided to us to produce the counter sample.

How does it Work and what do you GET?

All level 1 development packages include;

vConsult on construction and methods of manufacturing

vMake PPS (Pre-Production Sample)

vMake counter PPS if need be after fitting

Every project will have a dedicated team, comprised off The Most Elite Fashion Manufacturing Team in Town:

  • Project Manager – Once your project has started, the project manager is your personal Production Manager by coordinating all communication between you and your manufacturing team.
  • Sample Maker –. Your samples are made in the same factory that will produce your bulk order. This assures that from sampling to production, same machines and sewers are producing the garment that you have approved. One the 1st sample is produced, it will be fitted by client or fit model. All notes and comment will be noted to produce the 2nd sample with the corrections required. At this point we should be really close to being ready to go into production. We might need a 3rd and final sample to make small and minor adjustment.

Congratulations. You are now ready for production with The Elite Fashion Group.

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