Product Development LEVEL 3

Our Development Packages are designed for someone that is brand spanking new to the fashion world, all the way to the seasoned veteran. The Elite Fashion Group will be able to assist you with bringing your product to life from a simple sketch, magazine add, sample you may have that are used for inspiration, tech packs. As long as you can convey to us what you want make we will make it happen. You dream it, we will produce it.

To start the process, we will schedule a meeting with you. This meeting can take place in our Los Angeles office, Skype, or on the phone.

The purpose of the meeting is for our team to, learn about you and your ideas and provide you with the best solution to ultimately bring your fashion creation to completion. Once we both agree on a partnership, our expert fashion team will work with you until your collection is set for manufacturing. We will handle everything needed from conception, to finished product. Just seat back and enjoy the ride

How does it Work and what do you GET?

All level 3 development packages include;

vDeveloping Prototype

vMake Digital CAD pattern

vSource all fabrics and Trims domestically.

vConsult on construction and methods of manufacturing

vMake PPS (Pre-Production Sample)

vMake counter PPS if need be after fitting

v Make Final Fit Sample

Every project will have a dedicated team, comprised of The Most Elite Fashion Manufacturing Team in Town:

  • Garment Manufacturer Consultant – Our Experienced consultants have over 45 combined years’ experience in Domestic and abroad manufacturing. You will receive one-on-one guidance on the business of fashion; we assist with getting your ideas and designs laid out and ready for manufacturing. Consult in different models to help save on costs and time. Our team will help educate you the ins and out of the industry during development to help creating or improving your business platform. The main goal is to lay out a plan to assure all goals are met.
  • Project Manager –. Once your project has started, the project manager is responsible for taking your vision and bringing it to life. In an essence they will be your personal Production Manager by coordinating all communication between the fashion development and manufacturing team and you.
  • Pattern Maker – All of our pattern are produce digitally on the Tukatech CAD system. The pattern maker is your 2D digital designer. All patterns are produced to be blueprint of your design, which includes a face card and sewing directions. We utilize your samples and notes to create the perfect fitting garment that is production ready. We can also provide grading rules if requested.
  • Sourcing Specialist – The sourcing specialist brings together a selection of Domestic and import fabrics along with trims, in order to help you choose the style you envisioned based upon the information you provided.
  • Sample Maker – Our sample makers work closely with our pattern maker to create the garment samples you require. your samples are made in the same factory that will produce your bulk order. This assures that from sampling to production, same machines and sewers are producing the garment that you have approved. The sample maker hand cuts and sews the sample to your exact specifications utilizing pattern and sourced materials.

Once the 1st sample is produced, it will be fitted by client or fit model. All notes and comment will be noted to produce the 2nd sample with the corrections required. At this point we should be really close to being ready to go into production. We might need a 3rd and final sample to make small and minor adjustment.

Congratulations. You are now a full blown designer and are ready to go direct into production and make your dreams come alive,.

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